Ari Lennox Shows Off Her Bikini Body In The Shower On Hair Wash Day: Videos

Ari Lennox Shows Off Her Bikini Body In The Shower On Hair Wash Day: Videos

While vocalists obviously rise to fame thanks to their musical talent, it’s usually things like thirst traps that help keep their name in the public eye between new releases. The latest singer to catch the internet’s attention with her bikini body is Ari Lennox. She didn’t hesitate to flaunt her figure for followers on hair wash day earlier this week.

On Thursday (February 2), the “Waste My Time” songstress shared a series of videos on her Story that find her standing in the shower. Her toned figure looks incredibly in shape underneath what appears to be a Dior bikini.

“Wash day,” she wrote in the caption,” showing off her natural hair in one clip before soaking it with water in another. Fans are obviously glad to have a sneak peek into Lennox’s day-to-day life. However, what’s really got their attention is her not-so-subtle thirst trap.

@2cool2bl0g reposted one of the videos on their own page, giving users a chance to leave comments. “I love how authentic and beautiful she is,” one person wrote. Another joked, “Let me get ready to get on this treadmill.”

Unfortunately, some of the responses also saw hateful messages being spread around – specifically about Lennox’s natural figure. “I found her more attractive thicker I won’t lie,” someone said. “Still beautiful though.”

In response to the trash talk, one person ranted, “The immaturity in these comments. What’s not good for you, someone else would wife UP in a second and worship the ground she walks on. She’s dope and beautiful.”

The thirst traps on her Instagram Story certainly got fans talking. Still, they don’t hold a candle to the power her voice has been putting out on her age/sex/location tour. Fans are undeniably supportive and showing up for Lennox, but late last year, she made it known that this trip around the nation to perform will be her last.

Read everything Ari had to say about the matter here, and check back later for more pop culture news.