Former Speaker Yakubu Dogara Hoodlums Attacked his House Early Today In Jos

House of Former Speaker Yakubu Dogara got attack by Hoodlums in Jos

Former Speaker Yakubu Dogara House of Reps. Got attack early today by Hoodlums in Jos.

The house of the former speaker house of representatives at the NA Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has being under siege from the early hours of today. Information got out that there were Items stashed away at the property located in Lamingo, the locals soon gathered and the lootings began.

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N.B No Covid-19 palliatives found, however items lik sewing machines, pumping machines, motorcycles, keke napep, electronics, wrappers, bags of rice etc. were carted away. Approaching the site you could see both the young and old eagerly trying their best to get away with something. I recalled seeing an old woman well kyphosed carrying stainless steel rales on her head, this got me thinking 🤔.

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I guess she wished she had the strength of her youth, she would have made away with more valuable items.
So sad I thought the monsters of our making. In no way do I condone these acts, but the truth be told they(our leaders/politicians) made us hungry. They weaponized it, n used it to subjugate the masses. But they have forgotten a hungry man is alway angry. So pathetic the present state of the nation, but I believe a new Nigeria is rising. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

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News Source: Dr. Chris

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