Lil Baby’s 4PF Artist Rylo Rodriguez Admits $4K A Week Lean Habit

4PF signee Rylo Rodriguez recently admitted to spending about $4K a week on lean. Moreover, in a run-in with Awaiz Dawave, the interviewer asked him about his habits, which made him calculate in his head. “On lean a week?” he replied. “Hold on … Probably like $4,000. Probably like $4,000 — $3,800. I did it weekly. That’s three days [and] three a pint. It depends like $3,200 — three bands.” After the clip started gaining numbers and going viral, fans turned heads at the reveal for various reasons. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old MC recently dropped a new single titled “Set Me Free.”

However, many fans in Dawave’s comments section had some interesting takes on Rylo’s habits. “I needa start sellin ts then bc what,” one user wrote. In addition, another commented “Ask him what’s his biggest investment” with a laughing emoji. Still, most fans expressed concern over his habits and the dangers associated with lean. “Whoever in his camp not real,” a fan expressed, likely referring to people not being there to warn him. “I  like him but we gone be lucky if he finish the year with us,” another wrote dejectedly. Also, fans might remember his 2019 arrest for drug possession charges, and might be sad at this reveal.

Still, this is something that many rappers struggle with; some spit about loving it, while others say it’s a blessing and a curse. Plenty of rappers, though, beat their vices and championed sobriety, with some detailing their process. For one, there’s the example of 808 Mafia veteran Lex Luger. “I remember waking up, Po up a 4, light up some blunts and be basically sleep walking thru the mall high and blowing …. Man I have changed and I’m so proud of myself,” he tweeted in December. “Like if you have changed for the better.”

Also, Sada Baby recently opened up about his sobriety journey as well. In fact, his weekly lean allowance shocked fans, as well. “Ain’t spent 10-20k a week on lean in longer than a year,” the Detroit veteran tweeted. “Ain’t bought over 5 perks in two months, ain’t smoked a cigarette in two months. Suck my dick n celebrate my sobriety.” Check out more reactions to Rylo Rodriguez’s admission down below and stay tuned to HNHH for more hip-hop journeys.