Things To Know About Mushere Language

Mushere people are located at central plateau under bokkos local government in Nigeria, Mushere are highly known as farmers and they are the minorities in Plateau state. Some common products they are known with such as: Sweet Potatoes (Lawur) Acha, Irish, Maize, and sugarcane.
Mushere community is divided into various part which we have Kaban, Ikgwagap, Horop, Margif, Kawel, Garah, Tolus e.t.c

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Their Religion

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Most mushere people are still influenced by traditional african religion this the type of worship of self God, no any decission is taken without consulting miskhakam kum ( the only priest qualified to approach Nan ‘god’ or mat nan goddess. 90 % mushere speakers profess christianity.

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some key mushere words in their dialect watch bellow.

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Some Common mushere Culrural dance

MUshere they are known with their various skillful dance which show the people heritage bellow are some captivating video of the people

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watch and share your thoughts

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